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 Healthy delicious beans for  you

Organicly produced by BSS GROUP


Take a break and enjoy delicious Organic Robusta GREENBEANS produced by  BSS GROUP.
What are Greenbeans coffee?
Green coffee beans are raw, unroasted coffee beans.
We have total area of 56,000Ha located in South Sumatera, INDONESIA ready to be planted by Robusta seeds. Our coffee beans will be produced and shipped locally and internationally starting 2014. We accept pre-order for greenbeans coffee for minimum order of 1MT.
“The healthiness of body is not comes from the quantity of food / drink that we eat, but it comes from the quality of food / drink that we choose to consume”.
BSS GROUP produce only the best organic greenbeans by using 100% organic fertilizer (compost) made from palm oil empty stem.


Looking for organic green beans in big volume and  continuously?