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PT. Buana Sriwijaya Sejahtera Group owners, management and employees are morally bound together and are committed to realizing the vision and mission set. Therefore, the vision and mission should be implemented in the operational level must become a priority for the each company division in their act and fully committed to the company vision and mission. In line with these vision and mission, company builds their work philosoplhy as follows:

1. Togetherness, based on high confidence that a company can grow and develop in a sustainable manner at least supported by three sturdy pillars which are capital and capital owners, labors and systems. Togetherness and harmony must be created between or within those three pillars.

2. Change and renewal. Change is a must and every change carries meaning and renewal value by always adapting to the changing environments.

3. The use of latest technology as the primary basis to achieve high quality products and production efficiency & effectiveness.

4. Professionalism. Every employee in a work always uphold professionalism with high competence.

5. Concern. Always concerned about employees, concerned about welfare issues, concerned with the surrounding community and environment.

The work philosophy as mentioned above must become the organization culture as a whole, so it can become a united step which supported by professionalism and high competence in reaching company goals. Work philosphy is a whole value system implemented with commitment and integrity based on the slogan "TUNTAS" in the sense of :

Tanggung Jawab / Responsibility, that any work carried out with a sense of responsibility and always act right, honest, fast, complete, and strictly obey the principle of quality.

Unggul / Superior, each employee strives to be a superior employees and to produce a superior products.

Nekad / Dering, in the sense that every employee is ready to work hard and never give up dispel any barriers and ostacles faced by them.

Tegas / Decisive, defined as a strong commitment to implementing regulations to implement the system "Reward and Punishment" fairly.

Akuntabel / Accountable, each activity carried out in a transparent and accountable.

Serasi dan selaras / In harmony, each activity should be done and in harmony with the environment so that the sustainability of the business and the environment can be kept in harmony.