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Mr. Wilson Sutantio as President Director as well as the owner, is a central figure in the company. Starting from the business in trading and contracting up to plantation business since 1990, he has managed to build PT. Pinago Utama with integrated concepts, go green and zero waste. Those integrated concept also has made PT. Pinago Utama got the recognition from various parties and to become one of the companies that receive CDM funds. With his experience for ± 17 years to build PT. Pinago Utama since 2008, Mr. Wilson Sutantio try new challenges by establishing PT. Buana Sriwijaya Sejahtera in plantations and industries fields  as its main business. As an entrepreneur, he read and takes advantage of every opportunity that came to him and in a relatively short period of time, PT. Buana Sriwijaya Sejahtera evolves into PT. Buana Sriwijaya Sejahtera Group.